Photographic Training

Passing on the skills that I have learned throughout my time in the industry is very important to me, and to enable this I have set up a comprehensive photographic training course based in my home town of Doncaster.

I have set up the type of course that I wish had been available to me when I started my career 25 years ago. You can learn on a personal one-to-one basis or in an intimate group workshop environment with a maximum limit of five applicants per group.

The training course is split into three skill levels that cater for amateur photographers, the semi-skilled and a we also offer an advanced category for the skilled enthusiast that covers topics such as, advanced lighting techniques which will show you how to set up lighting rigs to recreate the professional finish of an indoor studio shoot when you’re out on location.

Choose from:

Digital cameras are increasingly common and this course helps you master the basics. It covers auto settings, manual, ISO, aperture and shutter settings and the relationship between them. We’ll also cover any issues you have with your own camera.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, unleash your creativity. Learn about TV and AV exposure modes, and get shooting in manual settings. You can also learn basic lighting techniques, using speed lights (off camera flash) or get an introduction to the world of studio lighting.

Once you understand all the aspects of your DSLR camera, move on to more advanced lighting techniques in studio or on location, including the effect of different light modifiers, soft boxes, hard reflectors, grids and snoots.

Chris Bevan Photography Doncaster.

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